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5 Advantages of Vertical Gardening at Home

Growing your own food in urban areas may initially come as a problem. With the lack of space to grow plants in the city, most people would resort to buying from the marketplace. However, with the growing popularity of urban agriculture, producing your own organic food is now possible. With vertical gardening, you can create your personal wall gardens and cultivate your own fruits and vegetables. This will not only help you save money, but this will also help you in so many ways. Here are some advantages.


If you are living in urbanized cities like Sydney and Brisbane, more certainly you will have a hard time finding a place for cultivating plants. More so, if you are living in sky rise buildings, flats, and condominiums. Regardless of where you are at, producing food locally is still a possibility. With just creativity and planning, you can spot a corner in your house that may become your garden.

Through the means of vertical gardening, you can still cultivate and produce vegetables and fruits without consuming too much space. With little room to spare, you can still grow tomatoes, lettuces, and other plants without any trouble.


The beauty of wall gardens is that you can experiment. If you don’t want to create a mess by dragging a sack of compost into your flat, you might want to try this alternative. Hydroponic growing systems are methods of cultivating plants through a soilless medium or water-based environment. These methods include the use of wicks, water culturing, ebb and flow mechanism, and the drip system. More advanced techniques would involve the use of a nutrient film solution and aeroponic pump. On the other hand, once the plants are in full bloom, this will make your dull concrete wall eye-catching.


Vertical garden systems are convenient for people suffering from mobility issues such as arthritis and rheumatism. Without too much demand in movement, you can still enjoy practicing your horticultural skills while seated or standing. Furthermore, since you are producing your own food, you get to save time and money from commuting to a supermarket just to buy foodstuff.


Tower gardening and other wall garden methods are effective when it comes to preventing attacks from common garden pests like rabbits and slugs. Through proper growing space and care, your greeneries will soon come out as uniquely attractive pieces in either your portico or penthouse.

More Growth

Vertical gardening is also great for cultivating climbers such as tomatoes and pumpkins. With the right method and spacing, such vegetation can flourish without taking too much room. On the other hand, you can also try your hand on espaliering – the practice of training woody wines and fruit trees to grow on walls.

With the aforementioned advantages, surely you are now convinced to try wall gardens right away. Challenge yourself and make this as a weekend project. Plan and work with your friends and loved ones, and let this be a fun activity.

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