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Dual Occupancy 101: Perks of Having a Dual Occupancy Property

Have you heard about dual occupancy – l37.com.au/properties? Dual occupancy refers to a type of residential property where two houses are built on a single lot. There are many cities in Australia, particularly in Melbourne area that have this type of property. In fact, there are many Melbourne home builders who specialize in building dual residential units which are also known as duplex units. Why should you consider going for this residential option when building your own house? Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy:

Opportunity for extra source of income

If you decide to build two adjoining houses in your lot, you may live in one of the houses and rent out the other to prospective clients. By doing so you are able to turn that house into a self-sustaining, income generating unit. This technique ensures you’ll have monetary resources to use for paying home mortgages and other miscellaneous expenses.

Economical choice for you and your family members, relatives, or friends

Do you have a family member, relative or friend who is looking to have a place of their own too? If yes, you may consider building duplex houses and live next to each other. This way you have someone to split the house or property bills with. Another advantage is that it will be easy for both of you to adjust to your new home setup because you are living next to people whom you trust and care for. When deciding which lot to buy and the overall design of the duplex houses, make sure to collaborate with your family, relative or friend.

Home option for your elderly family member or relative

Do you have elderly family members or relatives that need specialized care? If you own dual occupancy units, you may opt to transfer your elderly or senior family member to the house next to you. This is highly recommendable for married couples who have children but are also looking for healthcare options for their parents. Instead of moving them to a separate residential care facility, you may transfer elderly family members to duplex houses and live next to each other. If you haven’t built your house yet, you may ask new home builders Melbourne city has to help you build dual occupancy units. This option gives you the chance to care for all members of your family without getting separated from any of them.

Chance to express your individuality in your home’s decorations or furnishings

Duplex houses may look the same in their outer structure but they can have different sets of interior designs. So even if you live next to your family, relative or friend, you still have the liberty of arranging the interior or even exterior part of your house. You can choose to have a garden or pool in the lot area assigned to you.

Buying a lot area and building duplex units certainly has its perks.  If you want to look at options for house builders Melbourne area has, just go online and see some of the lists provided. You may also want to check out http://www.l37.com.au/why-l37/dual-occupancy/.